Spring Break Dreaming: Our Favorite Sunglasses

January 10, 2014 at 8:00 am , by

When we aren’t busy throwing on extra layers to brave the cold, we’re probably daydreaming about being somewhere tropical…or at least somewhere relatively warm. While bathing suit shopping might be jumping the gun a bit (especially since that gym membership resolution hasn’t kicked in yet…), sunglasses are totally fair game! Click through to shop some of our favorite shapes and styles.

Elizabeth and James Lafayette Sunglasses

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Dramatic, retro-chic, and a bit out of the ordinary; we’d say this pair of Elizabeth and James shades accurately reflects its designers—Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Buy it now, $155

Wear it Now Wednesday: Fly Style

December 25, 2013 at 8:00 am , by

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Whether you’re headed home from the holidays, leaving on a vacation, or skipping town for New Year’s Eve, we believe dressing to go to the airport should involve more than a track suit and sneakers. Bare with us–you see, by dressing in a casual-yet-stylish way, you’re actually multi-tasking. You’ll be able to pack more in your carry-on since you’re wearing one full outfit and you’ll look fabulous in case you land and head straight to an event. The key to this look is simple pieces you can layer and hard-working accessories like a cashmere scarf for chilly planes, a big bag for electronics and essentials, and a watch to keep an eye on your departure time.

Bon Voyage: 19 Tips from the Best Travel Writers

July 14, 2011 at 11:45 am , by

BestWomensTravelWritingWith the summer heat wave sapping New York, I can hardly wait for next week, when I’ll be relaxing in the surf, sand and sun (with sunscreen! I promise!) on . . . the Jersey Shore! Actually, it’s lovely—you see, I’m going to this Jersey Shore, not this one. Still, part of me longs for adventure.

Luckily, I’ve been able to indulge that yearning (albeit vicariously) with the Best Women’s Travel Writing of 2011. The essays in this anthology blow me away not only with their language, but also with the amazing experiences they describe: leaving body issues behind in a public bath in South Korea, dining at cabbies’ favorite restaurants in Argentina, scoring a souvenir soccer jersey on every trip, to name just a few. There are no sunbathers among these intrepid travelers.

Inspired, I asked the book’s contributors to share their top tips, destinations and vacation fantasies.

What is your number-one summer travel tip?

When in Europe, take the trains. Rent a car if you like for a few days of poking around villages, but for distances, trains are fast, fun, romantic and relaxing.—Diane Covington, “Finding Gilbert”

Take a “digital sabbatical,” and let go of the Internet for a few days or weeks. It’s liberating even if you’re staying home.—Aubrey Streit Krug, “Going Underground”

There’s nothing worse than flying after a stressful all-nighter of packing, so I make sure I have a peaceful last evening before a trip. A good night’s sleep not only gets me dreaming about my trip, but it also leaves me with a great memory of home.—Kelly Hayes-Raitt, “Tongue-Tied”

The San Francisco Bay area is the best place to escape heat and humidity. (Lucky me—I live here!) One summer when I couldn’t afford a vacation I visited a different Marin County beach every day! It was glorious. Limantour Beach in Point Reyes goes on for miles. —Marianne Rogoff, “Common Tongues”

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Win a Romantic Getaway to St. Lucia!

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Close your eyes and picture this: a warm breeze, sand between your toes, nothing to hear but the sound of the waves and your masseuse asking if you’re comfortable on your cushy bed overlooking the ocean. No, you have not died and gone to heaven. You’ve won our romantic getaway sweepstakes and gone to St. Lucia!

We’re giving away a 4-night stay at the dreamy, couples-only Rendezvous resort that’s guaranteed to relight your marital fire just in time for V-Day. (Okay, that part isn’t really guaranteed, but how could you not be in the mood in such a gorgeous place?) You and your hubby can go scuba diving, play tennis, walk on the beach or park your rear in a lounge chair and only get up to eat.

All you have to do is go here to enter. Or, go to our homepage at, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the little image that matches the one you see above.

Who needs a box of chocolates?

Have You Entered Our Spa Getaway Contest Yet?

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punta spaNo? You better hurry! We’re giving away seven amazing prizes, including trips to U.S. and international spa resorts so you can relax and be pampered. Here’s the catch: You must enter by midnight tonight, E.S.T. in order to win.

Fall is one of my favorite times to make a spa appointment, as holiday excitement–and streams of guests–always seems to kick up right after Labor Day. (I assure you that scheduled R&R is the cure.) Here’s some tips from Mayra Ramirez at the YHI Spa in Paradisus Punta Cana, to help ease the summer to fall transition, in case that spa appointment gets bumped for yet another family gathering.

  • Get rid of parched summer skin with a sugar body scrub. Follow with a rich moisturizing cream so that skin stays supple.
  • Forget the shower and take a warm bath instead. Add a few drops of olive or coconut oil, which helps skin retain moisture.
  • Aloe vera isn’t only for sunburns. Use it raw on your face or body or look for it in creams to help reinforce the skin’s natural protective barrier.
  • Dry outside air can wreak havoc for your skin. Make sure to cover any exposed body parts when the temperature drops.

Still dreaming about a luxury spa vacation? Check out each of the prizes in the Spa Getaway. And don’t forget to enter!

Spa Getaway Sweepstakes

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LHJ is giving away seven different spa getaway packages to some amazing destinations:

Maroma beach view

Check out what each spa has to offer and then click here to enter the sweepstakes!

Making Travel Easier, One Gadget at a Time

July 22, 2010 at 5:38 pm , by

Just hearing the words “summer vacation” is enough to make you smile, right? Unless of course you’re thinking about all the time you’ve spent packing and unpacking, hunting through your bag for your wallet (where’d you put that thing?) and taking horribly aligned, too-close self-photos while trying to fit in the scenery/people/interesting things behind you. That’s where these pretty nifty travel doodads from Dynomighty come in.

The Bottle Cap Tripod is a pocket-size attachment that screws on to the top of a water bottle for an instant hands-free camera stand. No more balancing your digital on the side of fountains, atop precarious rocks or on rusty railings that are just as likely to obliterate your camera as they are to be useful props. $10 at

Pickpockets begone! Super-slim Mighty Wallets are cleverly designed to look like random items (like an airmail-envelope inspired option and the one that could pass for a page of newspaper, at right) that thieves would be much less interested in investigating than anything resembling a wallet. They’re also ecofriendly, water-resistant and perfectly pocket-size. There’s more than 45 different designs, too, including some cheeky ones with beach scenes and gorillas. $15 each at

The colorful Mighty Tote is a seriously lightweight 1.6 ounces, so you can feel free to stuff it full of whatever junk you carry around with you while sightseeing or beaching that you always regret bringing later, after your shoulders hurt. $15 at