Valentine’s Day

Go Ask Gab: You’re Sexy and You Know It

February 14, 2012 at 5:16 pm , by

On this day of love, I will not give you a list of things you can buy your mate. If you haven’t gotten something at this point, you’re screwed! (I say go with a homemade card — personal and cheap!) Instead I asked our Facebook followers and polled some friends to find out what they felt was sexy. I was asking what makes ladies feel sexy (not what men find sexy), but many woman felt sexy by getting attention from men, so clearly we should pay attention to what men find sexy too.

I thought there would be a lot of ladies saying a little black dress or great fitting jeans (or my answer: heels), but there wasn’t. Of course, lingerie was mentioned more than once, and it’s certainly something that appeals to men as well. I personally think if that makes you feel sexy then you should wear prettier undergarments more often (my favorites are Aerie and Cosabella). No need to save them for special occasions or made up holidays.

One woman said exercise which I think is awesome (just make sure you pick up some cute outfits- particularly I love what New Balance and Old Navy has to offer)!

One of the biggest themes was indulging oneself. Taking a leisurely bubble bath, wearing a fancy fragrance, wearing a new bronzer or lipstick. I love that treating ourselves makes us feel sexy! It proves that ladies like to feel good from the inside out. Which is not only cheesy but important. Once you feel good on the inside and feel good about yourself you will become more confident and sexy!

So Happy Valentines Day and Treat Yo Self! (Sorry! Any opportunity to quote and link to that clip I jump on!).

Lessons from a Romance Expert

February 14, 2012 at 12:29 pm , by

Who better to know how to heat up your Valentine’s Day than a woman whose business is romance? Romance novelist Robyn Carr ( has been honored with multiple RITA awards from the Romance Writers of America and her Virgin River series (the newest installment is Redwood Bend, coming out next month) landed her on the New York Times bestseller list. Here’s Carr’s advice on how to apply the lessons of romance novels to your own love life.

1) Set the scene. If you’ve ever read a romance, you know that the sex can be pretty steamy. But rarely do the characters just start going at it and rarely do I give them a chance to get away to a quiet lodge. That’s just not how life is. But I do like to set the scene—let them flirt a little to heat things up. So how can you do that in real life? Traditional things like candles and good lighting are nice, but go the extra step and get rid of distractions. Turn off the phone. Turn off the TV. Send the kids to your mom’s house. Turn on some music so you can’t hear the garbage truck doing its weekly pick-up. (And try a faster-paced mix of tunes for a change!) Make the two of you the focus so the “scene” can happen without any interruptions. My characters are at their hottest when they’re concentrating on each other and nothing else.

2) Write your own romance story. Sometimes words are all you need. Take it from someone who spends her whole life creating romantic scenes from words alone. Take advantage of their power by sending a letter detailing your plans for Valentine’s Day (and night) to your partner. You can stick it in the mail a week before Valentine’s Day so he has a few days to imagine what’s coming. For some last minute “story-telling,” a sexy text message will work too. Just be sure no one at his office will get to his phone before he does!

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Will You Be My Valentine? A Gift Guide for Your Guy

February 6, 2012 at 10:47 am , by

Guys have it easy. A pretty piece of jewelry, a bouquet of flowers or even just recognizing the holiday is enough to make us swoon on February 14th. Finding a Valentine’s Day gift for him is another story. Here are ten fun and affordable gift suggestions that will show your special someone just how much you love him (without all the mushy, gushy stuff).

Dean & DeLuca Conversation Heart Cookies, $55

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“Be Mine.” Charm your valentine with Dean & DeLuca’s homemade take on a sweet American classic.

Flirty Hair And Makeup For Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011 at 9:30 am , by

I love Valentine’s Day for several different reasons: lots of chocolate, pretty flowers and most importantly, love. But it’s not only meant for those in a relationship. A celebration is always in order, whether you’re staying in with your love or out on the town alongside friends. Today’s the day to spice up your hair and makeup routine and these videos help you achieve a flirty look.


If you have long hair like I do and are tired of limp locks, try a hair knot. It’s easy and elegant–and also helps to lengthen your neck. This video walks you through the steps to perfect the technique.


Soft, sexy waves look great on both short and long hair. And–surprise–you don’t need need a curling iron to get them. Use your flat iron for fresh take on curls.

My favorite part of getting ready is putting on makeup. Here, YouTube sensation Michelle Phan creates a playful look with pretty pinks. (I’ve personally gotten so many compliments on my makeup from emulating her style.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Can This Marriage Be Saved? Valentine’s Day Edition

February 10, 2011 at 3:25 pm , by

In the spirit of a certain lovey-dovey holiday, we’re setting the warring couples aside for a week and focusing on the fun side of marriage. These quizzes, tools and stories will get you in the mood for love (or at least make you smile!).

-Check out these sweet stories of couples who said “I do” all over again.

-Great ideas for celebrating on the cheap.

-If you’d rather not fight the crowds at the card store or all that’s left there is “I love you, Aunt,” send your sweetheart a cute e-card.

-Second honeymoon, anyone? Enter to win a 4-night stay at the couples-only Rendezvous Resort in St. Lucia!

-Must watch: a hilarious video about what happens when a wife loves the dog more than her husband.

-Does the thought of an amorous Valentine’s Day leave you feeling a little . . .  eh? Do you dread the holiday because you feel pressured to get it on? Get thee to this page, immediately.

-Or should you just call the whole thing off? Take this quiz to find out if you should skip V-Day entirely.

-And as always, follow us on Twitter for fun date ideas, relationship news and expert tips year-round: @marriagebesaved.

So let’s be honest: What’s your take on this day o’ looove?

Puppy Love

February 12, 2010 at 1:40 pm , by

Don’t forget to give your pet a sweet treat this Valentine’s Day! Though many people don’t need a reminder, considering that 21% of adults would rather spend V-Day with their pet than their spouse (that’s according to a recent global study by Reuters/Ipsos.) Although it doesn’t say much for matrimony (‘til dog do us part?), it does prove just how much we love our pets! Show yours how much you care with one of these Valentine’s Day gifts.

1. Dog SnSnuggie for Dogsuggie

2. Hearts Collar

3. Custom Dog Tee

4. Kitty Breath Mints

5. Real Dogs Wine

And if you don’t have a pet to snuggle with this Valentine’s Day, there’s always pet adoption

Wine Review: Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2010 at 5:23 pm , by

Bottega Petalo Il Vino dell' Amore Moscato SpumanteValentine’s Day is almost here and you know what that means? NO! Not THAT! Well, yes, probably THAT too, but I’m talkin’ ’bout wine…mmkay.

Recently, I sent all the editors home with a bottle of vino…with a catch: to put their palates to good use and bring me a wine review. After much swirling, swishing, debate and scrutiny, this “highly scientific” survey is finally up! Just in time to pour a glass for you and your valentine.

My personal favorite was the Bottega Petalo Il Vino dell’ Amore Moscato Spumante from Italy for $14 bucks! The bottle is ADORABLE (I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging) and it’s a seriously delicious sparkler–the perfect apéritif before a romantic dinner. (Jon Hamm and Michael Bublé not included.)