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Wear It Now Wednesday: Breezy Beach Wedding

April 23, 2014 at 8:00 am , by

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Gird your loins, ladies, wedding season has begun! Should you find yourself in the grip of a what-do-I-wear panic, breathe easy. We’re planning to bring you a few different wedding outfit ideas to help this matrimonial melee go smoothly. First up, for a breezy beach wedding we offer you this gorgeous maxi dress. Worn with a long, silky slip it’s the epitome of glam without the fuss. The floaty material will keep you cool while the gold accessories add a dressy feel. We just had to throw in that iridescent bag, too, a girl’s gotta have a wow factor! Once the wedding is over, ditch the slip and wear this over your bathing suit while you preside over the poolside festivities. Two looks for one!

Can This Marriage Be Saved? Royal Wedding Bonanza

April 28, 2011 at 12:29 pm , by

It’s a Royal Wedding World, and we’re just living in it. Whatever your opinion of the noble nuptials, one thing’s for sure: You’ll know alllll about every detail of this entire blissful day by the time the party’s over. Of course, the spectacle is a bright spot for the royal family, a bit of happy news for a drama-drenched monarchy. The world will see and hear (and scrutinize) all the couple’s choices for their big day, from the music and the food to the guest list and the dress. (And really, I’m not all that invested in the Big Show myself, but I am SUPER curious about the dress!!) Every bride can probably relate to fixating on the tiny details of her wedding day to make it perfect – whatever perfect may mean to her.

But one thing that seems to get lost in the planning of any wedding – royal or common – is that after the whole big shebang is over, the bride and groom will be. . . husband and wife. Yes, they’ll be thrilled if the day is success, but it’s not a great DJ, a top-notch photographer or a kick-butt fillet mignon that makes or breaks a marriage.

We happen to think that, with their years-long courtship, sincere love for each other and general rational-seeming personalities, Wills and Kate will do just fine. But in the spirit of remembering that after the wedding comes the marriage, we’d like to offer the happy couple some of our surprising secrets to a lifelong union, as told by relationship experts of all sorts. Read more

Go Ask Gab: Wedding Wear Made Simple

May 12, 2010 at 1:49 pm , by

I have 5 weddings to attend this year. I don’t want to have to buy 5 dresses! Any ideas on how to make one or two dresses work for all?  — Whitneygag-wedding fab

Last year I had 3 weddings. I bought one dress (a navy strapless from J. Crew) and styled it differently for each. For wedding number one, I paired it with nude sandals similar to these Boutique 9 heels, a nude patent skinny belt and turquoise and gold earrings similar to these from Banana Republic. For wedding number two, I wore the same nude shoes with a statement necklace. For wedding number three, I kept the statement necklace but wore purple shoes like these bow heels.

It’s really all about buying a simple, classic dress and pairing it with fun, modern and inexpensive accessories. Change your look up based on the season, the dress code and the crowd you’re with. Here are some ideas:

The Dress: Go for classic, timeless black, whether it’s a halter dress, a long asymmetrical dress or a sleeveless sheath.

The Jewelry: If your dress is plain, then you need some statement jewelry. When wearing a halter or asymmetrical dress choose bold earrings. With a strapless or v-neck, rock a bold necklace. Feel free to add some gold bangles, a crystal bracelet or a cocktail ring depending on what you want your look to be.

The Bag: This is a good area to add some color. I love this ribbon clutch from Boden. You don’t need to carry much for a wedding so a little sequin purse always works too!

The Shoes: Of course you can always choose a black or metallic sandal, but in my opinion your shoes are the area for you to have fun and express yourself! I love this bow sandal: Black patent with a pop of neon for only $27! Or you can pick a neutral colored shoe with a little bit of an edge like this ruffled sandal.

At the end of the day, just make sure you’re appropriately dressed: Unless you are the bride, no one is really going to be paying attention to you anyway!

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