Week 5

Carrie Ann Inaba’s Dancing With the Stars, All-Stars Blog: Week Five

October 23, 2012 at 5:10 pm , by

Photo by Dominick Guillemot/Contour by Getty Images

After 15 seasons, it finally happened. I wish I could say, “No, I didn’t,” but “Yes I did.” I fell off my chair. And today I have quite the stiff neck and a tummy ache from laughing so hard about it. My oh my… I’m still laughing. Thank goodness for Gilles Marini who is such a gentleman. Shortly after he caused my fall with his incredibly sensual and elegant Rumba with Peta, he picked me up off the floor and helped me into my seat. I’m going to have to get Len and Bruno back because neither one of them even offered me a hand. If you watch the video back, you will see Len laughing so hard he put his head down on the table and Bruno doing some sort of strange raunchy pose on the judges table, which only makes me laugh harder.

If you ask me, I think the playback with the front angle caught it the best. You could see how I felt. There was a moment of realization that I was going down, right before I felt the impact. And you can see it in my eyes…Larry, Moe and Curly better watch out! Here comes the fourth stooge—Carrie!


I wish I could say that was my first fall on a major stage, but it was not. I’ve had many accidents on many stages. One time, when I was working on American Idol as their choreographer and staging director, we were having a very last minute rehearsal and I was giving notes and running around on stage. I wanted to get off stage because the judges were coming and the live show was about to start. Of course, I took one step away from the performers and found myself up to my hip (one leg only) in a lighting hole. And yes, I got stuck. So here I am stuck in a hole on stage, while they are doing the judges introductions and the audience is going wild for them. I just tried to wave casually at Simon, Paula and Randy as if nothing were wrong. I had to wait until the intros were over and then someone helped me out of the lighting hole so the show could start. My assistant at the time was Mandy Moore (of So You Think You Can Dance fame) and she and I still laugh about it. Then there was the time I was choreographing super models in Lebanon and I backed right off the edge of the runway. Oh, and the time on Madonna’s Girlie Show Tour when I fell off the pole in rehearsals. But I think last night’s fall was my favorite. It all happened in slow motion. I was leaning in my seat when I felt one cheek slip off and thought I could pull myself back on the chair but instead found myself on the floor. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I was being picked up but I couldn’t figure out which way was up. It was all so ridiculously ungraceful, but at least it was amongst friends and family and all for a good cause…

Speaking of which, the cause is dancing! Don’t forget to tune in tonight because there are five more dances to see. Last night’s dances were pretty darn good—I especially loved the group number. I found the choreography to be quite dynamic and exciting. The transitions from couple to couple were really innovative and they left no moment of that routine unfinished. There were no throw away moves in the high-pitched choreography. High energy and high impact!

I think Apolo and Karina need to turn it up a notch tonight and add more difficulty into their choreography. I don’t think Apolo is being physically or mentally challenged enough with Karina’s choreography and he’s such an amazing athlete. Sure, he’s sexy, but you can’t play that card in every routine, especially when he’s got such incredible talents outside of that. Look at Shawn Johnson’s routines—she uses every trick she possibly can to make her routines better and she’s pushing her limits all the time. That’s what is exciting and Apolo should have that same approach. He’s got to pull out the big guns from here on out if he wants a breakthrough. He’s the only one of our celebrities left (besides Kirstie) who hasn’t been on the top of the leaderboard yet. But let’s see how everyone does tonight. Tune in to see what happens in the “Gangnam Style” group dance!

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