Week 9

Carrie Ann Inaba’s Dancing With the Stars, All-Stars Blog: Week Nine

November 20, 2012 at 12:55 pm , by

Photo by Dominick Guillemot/Contour by Getty Images

I can’t believe we’re already in the semi-finals. We only have one more week left until we crown our Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars season 15 champion! It’s been quite a battle for everyone who’s still in the game and all of the competitors deserve recognition for their hard work. Getting this far was no easy task and it will be a big (and probably quite emotional) double elimination tonight. I’m quite certain that no one had any idea how competitive this season would be, or for that matter, how challenging. It’s been quite a unique experience for all of us. We’ve done things never seen before in the history of our show and that’s been quite a treat.

The dancers and choreographers did outstanding work this season. No one knew they would be choreographing Big Top Jazz, Knight Rider Bhangra, Surfing Flamenco, Espionage Lindy Hop or Caveman Hustle. (Some of those categories are quite puzzling, wouldn’t you say?) It’s been a whacky, unpredictable and entertaining season. Our producers really pushed the envelope this season with new challenges and we owe them a round of applause for really thinking creatively and outside the box. I think our production value has increased over the seasons and I’d like to acknowledge our incredible crew. They are such a wonderful group of top-notch quality professionals and it’s a joy and an honor to work with them all. I’ve worked with some of these camera operators, electricians, audio techs and stage managers for over 18 years, on various shows that I’ve choreographed or danced on, and I’ll tell you without any doubt, we have some of the industry’s finest working on our show. Read more