Whoopi Goldberg

Learning About LBL

February 25, 2010 at 11:52 am , by

Poise 1Meet our guest blogger (and intern) Shara Hikmet!

As I arrived in New York from my native England to begin work as an editorial intern at Ladies’ Home Journal, I was excited for the glitz and glamour that a magazine had to offer. Would I get to attend fabulous fashion parties, would I be whisked away to South Beach to help out at a photo shoot, would George Clooney finally realize his true feelings for me during an interview?

So imagine my excitement when I was asked to attend an event hosted by none other than Miss Whoopi Goldberg. I have admired her ever since I watched Sister Act and felt inspired to become a gospel-singing nun. I didn’t mind that the topic of the event (um, light bladder leakage, or LBL), and sponsored by Poise, was slightly less than glam. Undaunted by the raging snowstorm, I got there only to learn that Goldberg was MIA due to the weather. Still, I was pleasantly surprised to enter a room adorned with pink décor and entertaining photo booths. I had fun sipping on my pink grapefruit juice and posing in Statue of Liberty garb.

It was apparent that Poise is trying to bring lightness and humor to this unspoken subject. Goldberg has teamed up with the brand to help remove the stigma and embarrassment connected with LBL. She created hilarious webisodes, starring as eight famous women in history who confide their personal stories and regrets of not talking about their LBL.

As Goldberg joined us via Skype, I was surprised to discover that LBL is common, affecting one in every three women. It also affects women of all ages and life stages. Weak pelvic floor muscles often cause LBL, usually due to obesity, pregnancy, childbirth or hysterectomy. The event was quite an eye-opener, and despite not getting to meet Goldberg, I had a lovely time talking to women facing this issue. I also left with a goodie bag filled with Poise products specifically designed for LBL. Hmmm…maybe I should give those kegel exercises a try!

Photo (left to right): Shara Hikmet, Sara Kay and Alyssa Bleiberg