Featured Book Club of the Month – Dallas, Texas

May 10, 2012 at 4:10 pm , by

Everyone loves a good book club, and women from the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas really love this one! Meetings of the DWF Tea Readers sometimes attract as many as 50 members, and they plan such fun events that these ladies just keep coming back for more—don’t they look darling at their annual “Boas & Tiaras” meet-up? “We are all voracious readers,” says member Jill Hayden. “When we get together it’s a great opportunity to share what we’ve read and want to read next.”

Is there anything special you do for each meeting or on occasion?

“Our group meets several times during the month at a local book store and we have pot-luck dinners twice a month in the homes of our readers. Our dinners have a theme – Breakfast for Dinner, Tex-Mex Night or Summer Grillin’, to name a few.  We arrange for an author to call in to discuss their books, how they got started writing and what they enjoy reading.  This year we’ve spoken with authors Robyn Carr, Julie James, Shelly Laurenston and Shannon Butcher.  We also get together one Saturday afternoon a month at an area tea room for a bit more formal affair.  Once a year we have a very special tea with an equally special guest author in attendance.  We have had Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Meg Cabot as our guests in the past.” – Jill Hayden

What’s your favorite book you’ve read together and why?

“That’s the beauty of our group.  We don’t select a specific book to read and discuss.  Since we know who our call-in author will be prior to our dinner, we try to read some of the author’s work if we’re not familiar with her.  Often we find that even if the author does not write a genre we normally read, or if we haven’t previously read one of her books, by the end of the call, we’re hooked and we’ve whipped out our phones or notebooks to purchase the books on the spot.” – Jill Hayden

Everyone’s super busy these days.  Why is it important to you to make time to read and then get together?

“We have book club because it’s fun! We eat good food, laugh late into the night, and get to talk about our fictional friends. Finding friends who experience as much joy in reading as I do isn’t as easy as you might think. I love being in a room full of women who talk about plots and characters with curiosity, passion, and respect.” – Maria Munoz

“Sanity!  Seriously, I think the best reason to embrace hobbies and get together with people that share your love for them is sanity.  In these days of ‘go-go-go’, a hobby gives you a chance to escape all the realities for your life for just a little while.  I think that is why reading appeals to me and my book club friends.  We get to escape for awhile into our books and then come together to share out love of the stories we just read.  To me we truly have the best hobby in the world and our book club just gives us another way to celebrate it.”  – Felicia Sparks