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Finding Just The Right Gift

November 30, 2010 at 3:08 pm , by

Kenneth Cole Holiday Wish List Page[1]I’m moving in a couple of weeks so I’ve been very busy digging in the backs of every closet in my house to edit, purge, organize and pack. And purge I have! (Check out the Goodwill in Springfield, New Jersey for the 16 bags of stuff I brought in on Sunday. And that was just what went last weekend!) Of course, there were things in the closets that I forgot I had. I’ll blame poor organization. But the vast majority of those items in the backs of every closet in my house are unwanted gifts. Okay haters — go ahead and say that I’m ungrateful but honestly it makes me sad when someone spends their time and/or money on something that I have no use for. My mom — one of the best gift givers in the world — is rolling her eyes reading this right now. Because for 38 years, she has tried to surprise me with great gifts. (Example of her gift-giving talents: A photo taken right after the 1969 Mets won their first World Series, signed by all the players. She picked that one up for my hubby in May 2006 and hid it until Christmas. Tears were shed.) But for me, she gave up awhile ago. Was it the typed Christmas list with all the J. Crew style numbers that gave me away? Or maybe it was when she saw how happy I was when I got just what I wanted.

At this time of year, we’re all flocking to stores and websites to buy tons of gifts. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the recipient is getting exactly what they want. You don’t want your gift collecting dust in the back of their closet, do you? That’s why I’m totally loving Kenneth Cole’s Wish List. It’s a website (and iphone/ipad app) where you can select exactly what you want and just casually send the link to your loved ones. And it’s not just Kenneth Cole merchandise. You could pick a gift card to Starbucks, an iPad, a kimodo dragon, a loft apartment in Tribeca, Ping golf clubs, Jenga, an Aston Martin, a donation to AmFar, a Turducken, a lifetime supply of Nutella, MAC mascara, an original Andy Warhol or even World Peace. (Hey, it’s a “wish” list so why not?)

In case anyone I love is reading this, feel free to check out my wish list here. (I promise I would never donate the Maserati you gave me to Goodwill!) So, what do you want for Christmas?