Harold and Maude

The cult classic delivers an unusual love story and adventure.
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This unconventional love story between a spunky septuagenarian and a listless 20-something packs a lively jab in the stomach, both unexpected and awakening. Standing tall and driving recklessly toward her 80th birthday, Maude has the best of intentions and no boundaries to hold her back. Harold, her unlikely lover with a strange affinity for staging his own death, has all the youth and money one could desire, but no spark for life. What unfolds is an unpredictably witty (sometimes snarky) love story laced together with a fantastic musical score by Cat Stevens. Talk to your girlfriends about the line between innocent romance and cradle robbing. I liked the movie for the friendship but the age difference made my sister uncomfortable and ultimately ruined the movie for her. How old is too old, how young is too young? In 2009, how much does that matter?

Power Couples for Your Palate

Quirky yet undeniably funny, this movie pairs perfectly with almond lace cookies...old fashioned with some unexpected texture and a deliciously sweet aftertaste. Pour yourself and your girlfriends a glass of a late harvest Riesling (grab this at your local Trader Joe's or supermarket to keep it simple). Make it a generous glass and don't hold yourself back from that third (or in my case, fourth) cookie -- this is, after all, a movie about celebrating life.

Next movie up: Moonstruck. Snap out of it and tell us what you think!

Originally published on LHJ.com, August 2009.


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