365 Days of Inspiration

Pick something that sounds fun, creative, or challenging. Then do it every single day for a year. Get motivated by these eight amazing women who have done 365 Projects.
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Get Inspired

These eight amazing women took on year-long projects that changed their outlooks forever. Get inspired by their journeys and plan your own!

Finding Extraordinary Moments in the Everyday

Meredith Winn, a photographer and contributing editor to the group photo blog, Shutter Sisters, documented a whole year of her life in photos. She took her camera with her everywhere she went and tried to stay mindful of finding a single moment in her day that she wanted to remember, whether it was moving houses, dropping her son off at kindergarten, or caring for her terminally ill mother. "Even on bad days you can find at least one beautiful thing to capture," says Winn. "It's easy to get lost in the rush of daily life, but this project gave me a new way to look at my life. The photos became my memories of the year and also helped me find peace and healing while facing some big life issues." Knowing that she completed such a daunting goal was the biggest reward, though. "I now know that I can accomplish anything if I just take it one day at a time -- literally." See Winn's photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/camerashymomma/sets/72157622978472543/

Getting Personal With Poetry

Amy Turn Sharp wrote a poem every single day in 2012 and shared them all with readers of her blog at amyturnsharp.com.

Watching Her Little Ones Grow`

Caroline Turloey has been taking daily snapshots of her three kids for more than two years with daily photo journal service blipfoto. See Turloey's photos at http://www.blipfoto.com/nojojo.

Creating With Her Hands

Natalie LeGuerrier has always been a knitter and, while searching for new patterns, she decided to challenge herself to knit something every day. Reusable cup cozies seemed like the perfect item to choose they're small enough to be doable, but there's plenty of room for variation. She started a simple blog to keep track of them, and One Cup Cozy a Day was born. "The truth is I don't always feel like knitting, but I keep going," says LeGuerrier. "Some days I'm not inspired at all, but I knit some of my best cozies because I had to." If she knows she won't have Internet access or will be super-busy with her day job as a customer service rep, LeGuerrier will knit a few in advance and post them, but generally she really does knit a cozy every day. (It takes her up to two hours, depending on the complexity of the stitch pattern.) She sells the cozies in her Etsy shop and has also donated some of them to a local group. "I've learned some big lessons," she says. "It's so true that showing up every day to do the work is what matters in the end. I'm also getting better every day!" See all LeGuerrier's cozies at http://onecupcozyaday.blogspot.com/.

Drawing a Laugh a Day

Natalie Dee has drawn and posted one of her quirky LOL-worthy comics for fans every day since 2005 on her site, nataliedee.com.

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