The Story Behind the Recipe

Readers share the stories behind their favorite recipes.

My Mom's Vietnamese Spring Roll

My mother and I were estranged for years. But our differences were no match for the diplomatic power of this delicious Vietnamese treat.

Baked with Love: My Dad's Sugar Cookie

My dad, an outdoorsman, lived -- and baked -- on a large scale. Proof? His famous recipe made four dozen sugar cookies.

My Authentic Tabbouleh Recipe (Secret: Lots of Parsley!)

I thought I made a great tabbouleh until a cute guy I had just met (aka my future husband) blew my recipe away.

Man-Catcher Brownies

This dessert recipe is so good that it's prompted at least two proposals. I can't promise a wedding, but y'all be careful. Don't give these to just anyone.

Leftover Turkey Soup

It's made from Thanksgiving leftovers but it tastes amazing. And no one will believe the old school trick that pulls it all together.

Noodle Kugel

My dad loved to draw, so when I asked him for our family's famous kugel recipe, he used more than just words to show me how to make it.

Pasta with Feta, Black Olives, and Tomatoes

I've traded my futon for a real bed but I'm still loving the pasta dish I learned to make in college.

Moist Apple Cake

I searched and searched for the perfect recipe to use up our family's apple-picking haul. Lucky for you, I found it.

Mrs. Potter's Chicken

This insanely easy recipe has been passed among family, neighbors, and friends for decades. That's how good it is.

Italian Bread Salad

I could never get my son to try new foods, but he's suddenly become an adventurous chef, and this panzanella is one of our favorites.

Maraschino Cherry Cake

My mom's favorite cake recipe seemed so retro that I didn't make it for years. But I recently rediscovered its deliciousness.

Easy Party Guacamole

There's no way I could invite guests for dinner and just wing it. But with casual guacamole I found a way to fake that kind of cool.

Old-Fashioned Cream Pie

When my father started talking about an old girlfriend's cooking, my mom baked him this little number. He decided she was a keeper.

Popcorn Balls

Don't even try to come between my family and our fluffy kernels -- we have a long history of being obsessed with the stuff.

An Old-School Pie Social

One food blogger decided to invite her readers over for an old-fashioned pie party. Get some of her favorite pie recipes and read about how a group of strangers gathered together for one sweet evening.

The Best Spice Cake

Okay, it's technically a fruitcake. But it's moist, cinnamony, and delicious -- nothing like that December dessert everyone dreads.

My Sweet and Savory Cheddar Leek Muffins

I was supposed to bake snacks for a school event that started at 6 p.m. My daughter wanted sweet and I wanted something that wouldn't spoil her appetite. Sometimes compromise is a beautiful thing.

Holiday Roast Chicken

Believe it or not, I'd never roasted a bird before and I wanted this one to work miracles. Turns out, it kind of did.

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