13 Things That Are Good for Your Heart

By Gretchen Roberts

You already know eating right and exercising are good for your heart. Here, fun new ways to take care of your ticker.

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Woman eating a strawberry

1. Think Red

Strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, cranberries, pomegranates, tomatoes, red chili peppers, red wine, and red grapes: These vermilion fruits and veggies contain lycopene—a carotenoid that gives foods their bright color—and flavenoids, powerful antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. Both of these phytochemicals have been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease, says seasonal-food expert Laura McIntosh, host of the television show Bringing It Home with Laura McIntosh.

"These powerful antioxidants keep your heart healthy, and adding some vitamin C increases the power of the flavenoids," McIntosh says. "So bring out the citrus, cabbage, spinach, and cantaloupe too!"

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