8 Superfoods for the Flu

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4 Trusty Staples


Research shows that one cup of yogurt a day may work to keep the gastrointestinal tract healthier, which can help ward off flu. Plus, recent studies show that regular consumption of dairy products like low-fat yogurt may help you lose weight. Look for yogurt that contains the active culture L. acidophilus, which is helpful in fighting off yeast infections. And be sure your yogurt's label says it contains live cultures, as the cultures are what have the positive effect on your GI tract.

Recommended serving size: Plain low-fat, one cup: 112 calories Low-fat with fruit, one cup: 122 calories


An American staple and one of the cheapest sources of vitamin C, potatoes can round out any meal with high amounts of potassium and fiber, too. The skin contains the most fiber and the flesh just under the skin contains the most vitamin C. It's important to use fresh potatoes, as they contain more vitamin C than potatoes that have been sitting around in your cabinets. Also, be aware that soaking potatoes in water causes them to lose their vitamin C.

Recommend serving size: Boiled, 2/3 cup: 72 calories

Whole Wheat Pasta

Complex carbohydrates, like those found in whole wheat pasta, are an essential part of a healthy diet that will keep your immune system strong. Whole wheat pasta is also rich in niacin, fiber, and iron. Whip up the same recipes that you used for white pasta, but substituting the whole wheat version instead.

Recommended serving size: Scant 1/2 cup: 162 calories


A good source of immune-boosting minerals like zinc, selenium, and iron, cashew nuts are also quite high in protein. Just be sure to consume them in moderation, because nuts are high in fat and calories. However, most of the fat in nuts is unsaturated.

Recommended serving size: 1/3 cup shelled: 287 calories

Originally published on BHG.com, November 2004.


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