Fit Fitness into a Frantic Schedule

12 tips for making exercise part of your everyday life.
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7 Quick Tips for Everyday Fitness

You know you should be exercising regularly, for your health and your body shape, but you just can't seem to find the time to do it. We understand -- between family, home, work, and, well, life in general, you barely have time to read the newspaper headlines in the morning.

So we're going to help you tackle this problem. We've got some quick tips on how you can incorporate exercise into your everyday routine. And we've got bigger ideas for helping you make fitness a permanent part your life. Read on.

1. Buy arm weights for your home. Arm weights can be used while you're watching TV or talking on the phone. Start with 8-pound weights and do three sets of 15 bicep curls each day. After two months, graduate to 12- or 15-pound weights, and add another exercise to your repertoire. Check out our How-To Exercises for more ideas.

2. Buy a fitness video. A 15-minute aerobic routine is an excellent, quick way to bring cardio into your life. Or if Pilates is more your style, invest in a Pilates video instead. Either way, whether your fitness style is high-impact aerobics or intense yoga, there are lots of great fitness videos that you can use in your own home.

3. Use your lunch hour wisely. A brisk 20-minute walk during your lunch hour is a great fitness solution, especially if you can do it three or four times each week.

4. Take 15 in the morning. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and do arm weights or a quick aerobic video routine.

5. Take 15 at night. Do 50 sit-ups and 50 push-ups before you go to bed each night.

6. Invest in a good pair of sneakers. Having the right equipment means you have one less excuse to avoid working out. Plus, once you glide into those comfy, bouncy new shoes, you'll want to run or walk practically everywhere.

7. Take a walk in the evening. This is an excellent fitness activity to do with a loved one or a close friend. Leave your cell phone behind and it can become a time for bonding and connecting with one another, too. Or try it solo and use it as quiet time to reflect.

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