The 3-Minute At-Home Workout (That Really Works!)

By Janet Lee

In the time it takes to watch a few TV commercials, you can bang out these super-effective strength-training moves.

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Balancing curl to press workout move

Extra-short workouts are getting a ton of buzz lately for good reason. Research shows that when performed at a high enough intensity, they can improve your health and fitness level just as well as a longer session. We loved the concept so much that we found a workout that's just three minutes long. Sam Berry, a personal trainer at Pacific Sports Resort, in San Diego, designed three quickie routines that focus on your upper body, lower body, and abs. Do one routine a day, or, to melt more calories, do the routines back-to-back three times a week. Exercising doesn't get faster or easier than this!

Your Workout Schedule
Monday: Upper body
Tuesday: Abs
Wednesday: Lower body
Thursday: Abs
Friday: Upper body
Saturday: Abs
Sunday: Lower body

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