This move will help you build more strength in your abs.
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Begin lying facedown on the floor, arms stretched in front of you. Lift your abs up slightly off the floor, enough so that a piece of paper could slide underneath you. Test yourself through this movement to see how high you can move without letting your stomach touch the floor.

Caution: You should not feel pressure in your lower back. Keep your elbows soft and don't hunch your shoulders.

1. As you're lying facedown on the floor, stretch your head forward and slide your shoulders down into your back. Your legs should be hip-width apart. Stretch them behind you. Contract your abs to lift your navel off the floor. You'll need to maintain this position throughout the movement.

2. As you exhale, lift your left leg and right arm up and away from you and as high as you can without touching your stomach to the mat. Do not struggle to lift too high; the lengthening of your arms and legs in this movement is more important.

3. Inhale, lower your limbs and switch to the other side. Imagine a straight line.


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