The Saw

This movement helps you stretch and improve the mobility of your upper back.
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1. Sit with your legs apart, about even with your hips, and your toes pointed toward the sky. Lift your arms out to your sides so they're parallel to the ground, wide enough so you can see them in your peripheral vision when you look straight ahead. Hold your head up high, as if you were trying to see over something in front of you.

2. As you exhale, turn your body to the left. Be sure to keep your arms in line with your shoulders and don't let them cross in front of your body. Keep your hips facing to the front.

3. Continue to exhale and stretch your right arm to your left toe. You should feel some tension. It might help to imagine stretching over a large ball on your knee. You'll want to keep your head down as you stretch.

4. Inhale as you come back to the center of the position. Then repeat on your right side.

5. Repeat this exercise 10 times on each side.


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