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Rekindle the Romance

Weekend Makeover #3: Reconnect with Your Husband

Do jam-packed weekday schedules make you and your husband feel more like roommates than a married couple? These simple expert-approved ways will help you make the most of your together time this weekend.

  • Ditch the dinner-and-a-movie routine and schedule an adventurous date. Couples who seek new or challenging experiences -- even something as simple as going to a concert if they haven't been to one in years -- may be more satisfied in their relationship, says Arthur Aron, PhD, a professor of social psychology at Stony Brook University.
  • Be a little touchy-feely. Massage your husband's shoulders when he's working at the computer, stroke his arm while you're watching TV together, or hold his hand while you're strolling through the mall. We know it sounds kind of cheesy, but these little gestures really do communicate "I care about you" in a big way.
  • Turn chores into we time. Weekend errands and household tasks feel less like a slog when you find a fun way to do them together, says Carol J. Bruess, PhD, coauthor of What Happy Couples Do. For example, play music that was popular during your dating years (the B-52s, anyone?) while you scrub the bathroom.
  • Heat up your sex life by stepping outside your comfort zone. When the kids are out with their friends this weekend, use the opportunity to watch an erotic movie together or fool around someplace other than the bedroom.
  • Do something your husband loves. Offer to cook his favorite dinner or rent a movie he wants to see. Making a small sacrifice for your partner can bring you closer, say researchers at the University of Rochester.
  • Relive funny moments from the past. Dig out pics of your Tarzan and Jane Halloween getup or reminisce about your awkward first date. Researchers at Appalachian State University found that couples who recalled times when they laughed together were more likely to be fulfilled in their relationship.
  • Get your schedules in sync. Take time on Sunday night to go over what you both have planned for the upcoming week. It shows you care about each other's lives, and it can help prevent stress-inducing scheduling conflicts.

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