Don't Be a Slouch: The Health Benefits of Good Posture

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Talking on the Phone

Slouchy Situation: Talking on the Phone

Unlimited minutes have their price. That pain you get from holding your phone to your ear for a long time has a name: cell-phone elbow (aka cubital tunnel syndrome). "Many people tend to cradle the phone between their neck and shoulder, even if they're holding it in their hand," says Amarish Dave, DO, a neurologist based in Crystal Lake, Illinois. This compresses the nerves and blood vessels in the shoulders and elbows, which can lead to headaches and arm pain and tingling.

Check yourself out. Glance in a mirror while you gab to make sure your posture is perfect. After a few days of practice you should be able to naturally feel the difference and correct yourself.

Stretch away tension. To soothe scrunched neck muscles, New York City-based fitness trainer Kristin McGee recommends this move: Tilt your head so your left ear is close to your left shoulder. Drape your left arm over your head and rest your hand on the right side of your head; stretch your neck and let your right hand hang toward the floor. Hold for a few breaths, then repeat on the other side.

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