What It Takes to Look Like a Celeb

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Amazing Arms

What Some Stars Do

Celebrities are beauty icons for a reason -- they usually start out blessed to begin with. This is particularly true when it comes to star-quality triceps, cut biceps, and sculpted shoulders: The best way to get them is (sigh) to be born with them. "Some people are just genetically predisposed," says Eileen Daspin, author of The Manhattan Diet: Lose Weight While Living a Fabulous Life.

After having clients do at least half an hour of near-daily cardio, celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson gets them to strap on wrist weights for 15 additional minutes of arm-toning moves.

It also helps to be young: The skin and connective tissue of the upper arms can sag with age, leading to dreaded batwings.

What Crazy Folks Do

Brachioplasty (or arm-lift) can permanently remove fat and excess skin from the upper arms. But you'll pay a minimum of $3,000 to $4,000 and, as with all surgery, it poses risks, including nerve damage and uneven results.

Real-Person Plan

Diet and exercise can reduce the arm fat that hides muscle definition. Choose activities that tone the upper body, such as rowing, swimming, and dancing, over legs-only activities like cycling.

Wear sleeves. It sounds like a no-brainer, but sleeveless tops aren't flattering on everyone. Stylist Albanese steers even her firmest-limbed clients toward sleeves when they'll be gesturing or applauding: "I know how it's going to look on a talk show when they're waving their arms around."

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