Back Pain

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Sitting at a Computer


  • Sit with your shoulders slightly behind your hips. Position your knees slightly below your hips to form a 100-degree angle.
  • Take frequent breaks from sitting during the day.
  • Get properly situated at your desk first, then bring the mouse and keyboard forward.
  • Rest your wrists on a pad while typing. Your lower arms should be nearly horizontal.
  • Roll up a towel to about the size of your forearm and place it between your chair and the small of your back.


  • Allow only your lower back to touch the back of the chair. Your entire back should be in contact with it.
  • Slouch. Hunching over puts stress on your back.
  • Allow your feet to dangle. Lower the seat so that your entire foot touches the ground, or use a foot rest.
  • Sit for more than 30 minutes at a time without a break. Try standing up during phone calls or when speaking with a colleague. Or take a five-minute walk.

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