Holiday Survival Guide: 17 Tips to Save Your Sanity

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4 Easy Eating Strategies

1. Plan Ahead

It's been said that most Americans gain, on average, 2 to 5 pounds per year. And it's no wonder, considering the bounty of cakes, cookies, and pies that flood most tables at Christmas and Thanksgiving. How can you say no? Well, the good news is that you can splurge on some desserts, as long as you plan ahead. Find out how and why some simple changes can allow you to treat yourself, without feeling guilty.

2. Choose Healthy Holiday Foods

Believe it or not, many traditional holiday dishes are good for you! These six superfoods are found in just about every household, and they're packed with nutrients that your body needs.

3. Moderation, Moderation, Moderation

Overindulging applies to food and drink. Nothing is more humiliating than imbibing too freely at the company party. If your office is buzzing about the dancing fool or wayward lip-lock between coworkers, you want to be the one chuckling along with the group, rather than hiding in the restroom until President's Day.

4. Walk It Off

This isn't just a calorie-saver; it's a sanity-saver during the season of large, boisterous family gatherings. After overeating in an overheated house, you'll welcome the fresh, crisp, and quiet air. If you need an escape plan, volunteer to walk the dog. Or bundle up the kids and take them with you. Family gatherings are stressful, especially if your family can't agree on religion, politics, or even what to eat for dinner. Try to stick to neutral topics, like sports (unless you're in Red Sox-Yankees territory), bargain shopping, or home repairs, as much as possible. If all that togetherness is still pushing you past the boiling point, run an errand or take a stroll.

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