8 Mood Boosters for Your Job

Simple solutions to keep you happy and productive at work.
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Food Solutions

Nothing can sap your strength or put you in a funk faster than stress from work. If you've been feeling down even as you climb up the corporate ladder, try these easy ways to feel happier, calmer, and refreshed from 9 to 5.

1. Drink water.

Did you know dehydration can make you feel sluggish and depressed? Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Recent studies show you don't need all of the eight glasses a day formerly prescribed by doctors and nutritionists, but drink enough to satisfy your thirst, and then some. Consider replacing your soda and juice with water, too. One easy solution: keep a big bottle of water at your desk and make several trips to the water cooler to refill it. (Use a container that is meant to be reused, like a Rubbermaid or Nalgene bottle. Some lightweight plastic containers break down after several uses and can cause you to consume harmful contaminants.)

2. Eat healthy snacks.

Instead of a chocolate bar from the vending machine for your 3:00 pick-me-up, snack on apples, low-fat yogurt, or carrots with peanut butter. If trail mix appeals to you, try this mood-boosting recipe: mix walnuts, almonds, lightly toasted pumpkin seeds, and raisins together in a large container for a week's worth of snacking. These mineral-rich mini meals will give you plenty of power to stay focused and alert all afternoon.

3. Avoid heavy foods and alcohol at business lunches.

It's tempting to indulge in rich foods or a nice glass of wine during a business lunch -- especially when you can charge it to your expense account. But falling asleep from a food coma at your desk just isn't worth it. Stick with an entree salad and a glass of sparkling water to keep you on your toes for the rest of the day. And instead of finishing the meal with dessert and coffee, order herbal tea. Both sugar and caffeine can set you up for a mood nosedive right around the time you need to be most productive.

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