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Fireplace Herbs

Use a bundle of herbs with kindling in your fireplace to infuse the room with a gentle scent.

What You Need:
Autumn Appeal
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Fireplace Herbs and Simmering

  • Dried stems of aromatic herbs
  • 6-inch cinnamon sticks (available at crafts or herb stores)
  • Raffia
  • Cone-shaped holder (see Step 3)


1. Collect herbs. If you harvest herbs from the garden, hang small bundles to dry in a warm, dark, airy place until leaves are crispy dry. Or purchase small bunches at a farmer's market, herb store, or grocery store.

2. Remove leaves. Strip dry leaves off stems by sliding your hand down each stem.

3. Bundle and wrap stems. Gather small bundles of stems. Tie bottom of bunch with a strand of raffia. Tuck a cinnamon stick into the bunch. Stuff two or three bunches into a decorative cone-shaped holder. The birch-bark holder shown here was store-bought. You also can fashion simple cone-shaped holders from stiff paper.

Directions for use: Add an herbal bundle when starting a fire in the fireplace for a burst of delicate fragrance. Or use the bundles as an earthy decoration for the hearth or for a basket next to an entryway.

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