Why Meditate?

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The Three Most Popular Forms of Meditation

There are many types of meditation. Three of the most popular forms are:

1. Transcendental Meditation (TM): TM requires the use of the mantra (a repeated word or phrase) to focus the mind and achieve a deep state of relaxation. Thoughts that arise during TM are disregarded and the attention is brought back to the mantra.

2. Mindfulness Meditation (also called Insight Meditation or Vipassana): This type of meditation involves nonjudgmental observation of thoughts as you focus on your breath, or an object or image (seen or visualized). Mindfulness meditation has an element of inquiry -- you investigate and compassionately "witness" whatever comes up.

3. Visualization Meditation: This technique is often used to relieve pain by visualizing a part of the body being healed through imagery and breath work.

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