Curb Your Cravings

Read this tip sheet before you sit down to eat an entire pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream.
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Put an end to overeating with these four binge-busting strategies from Cynthia Bulik, PhD, author of Crave: Why You Binge Eat and How to Stop.

Eat breakfast every day. If you skip this meal you'll be starving later in the day and are therefore more likely to pile on the calories with snacks and eat more at lunch or dinner.

Practice portion control. Buying a party-size bag of chips sets you up for overeating, so opt for one snack-size pack.

Ride out your cravings. They crest, then fade, like a wave. When the urge for chocolate hits, spend five to 10 minutes on a phone call or a quick walk to let your yearning subside.

Avoid food triggers. If you know you won't be able to resist the cookies in the cupboard, don't buy them -- period.

Originally published in Ladies' Home Journal, March 2009.

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