6 Spa Tips for Spring Fitness

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3 More Diet Tips

  • Happy Hour at the Salad Bar: Fruits and veggies are an important part of anyone's diet and weight-loss regimen. Canyon Ranch consistently offers a salad bar, taking advantage of locally grown organic produce that is in season (think spinach, broccoli, and peppers in the spring). To keep an eye on the calories, Reamer recommends reaching for more veggies than fruits when you strive for your eight to 10 servings of produce a day. "Fruits have a higher carbohydrate count," says Reamer, which equates to more calories. (Shoot to get your fruits in the morning, so you have the day to burn off the calories.) A tip from Reamer for "revitalizing" interest in a salad: Chop it finely (like coleslaw), add a lean source of protein (like shrimp or chicken), and serve in a whole grain tortilla or wrap. High-protein, high-carbohydrate shakes will start your day off right!
  • Pick Your Protein and Carbs with Care: At breakfast, low-fat egg-white omelets, made chock-full of veggies and with a little feta or Parmesan, are a mainstay at Canyon Ranch; a slice of whole grain toast is the perfect complement. For lunch and dinner, hormone- and pesticide-free chicken and wild salmon often grace the menu, along with healthy carbs like buckwheat pasta, brown basmati rice, and millet. And don't forget about the beans and legumes, which can make up delicious hummus, cold bean salads, and edamame-based dishes.
  • Practice Conscious Eating: "To elevate the dining experience, eat more slowly, play soft music, and dim the lighting," says Reamer. When you take your time to eat and really focus on enjoying each bite, you tend to eat less and you'll be satisfied with less, she says. Reinstate the family dinner (at least a couple of nights a week), and don't turn on the TV while you're eating -- make it mealtime.

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