Crushing Cravings

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Tips to Avoid Cravings

It's important that you not feel defeated if you occasionally give in to a food craving. Cravings can affect even the most determined dieter. But luckily, you can arm yourself against them:

  • Stop demonizing foods or food groups. Don't label foods "bad," "illegal," or "forbidden." It's not the food that counts so much as it is the portion size.
  • Don't starve yourself. Keep healthy snacks, like fruit or veggie sticks handy.
  • Don't skip meals as this will make you more likely to crave other foods and snack because you are hungry.
  • Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can sometimes be mistaken for hunger. Water will also make you feel full, so you'll feel less hungry.
  • Don't keep foods you crave in the house, and don't go shopping when you're hungry. You're more likely to buy temptation foods.
  • Indulge once in a while so that you don't feel deprived. Have a small portion of the food you crave -- a fun size chocolate bar, for example.
  • Exercise regularly. In addition to burning calories, regular exercise may relieve anxiety that can lead to the craving for comfort foods.


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