The "Fast Food" Diet: Quick and Easy Weight-Loss Meals for Busy People

Think you don't have time to lose weight? Consider that excuse busted. We put together a seven-day menu of super-healthy meals that couldn't be easier to prepare.
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Your Get-Slim Shopping List

Still trying to get rid of the belly fat that never seems to budge? Don't sweat it, ladies -- we've got you covered with a 1,500-calorie healthy eating plan you'll actually stick to and enjoy. Just a couple of reasons why we know you'll love it:

For starters, you're not stuck eating salad, salad, and more salad. With tempting options like quesadillas, pepper-crusted sirloin, and sweet potato fries to choose from, you won't feel as if you're on a diet.

Even better, you don't have to fork over cash for obscure ingredients you'll never use again. Everything on the shopping list is available at your local supermarket -- no trips to specialty stores required.

Sounds totally doable, right? Tear out the list and start shopping -- you'll be feeling thinner and healthier in a matter of days. We've done the diet math for you -- simply choose a breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus two snacks from the mix-and-match choices to hit the 1,500-calorie goal.

Your Get-Slim Shopping List


Whole-grain tortillas (10)
Whole-grain bread (1 loaf)
Whole-grain pasta (1 box)
Rolled oats (1 container)
Brown rice (1 box)


Spinach (1 12-oz. prewashed bag)
Broccoli (1 head)
Sweet potato (1 medium)
Frozen vegetable mix (1 12-oz. bag)
Red bell peppers (4 medium)
Cucumbers (2 medium)
Tomatoes (3 medium)
Mushrooms (1 8-oz. package)
Onion (1 medium)


Apples (5)
Frozen berries (2 bags)
Grapes (1 medium bunch)
Bananas (4)
Lemons (4)
Pineapple (20-oz. can in 100-percent juice)

Meat and dairy

Plain nonfat yogurt (1 32-oz. tub)
Cottage cheese, 1 percent milk (2 16-oz. tubs)
Reduced-fat shredded cheddar cheese (1 bag)
Eggs (1 dozen)
Boneless chicken breast (15 oz.)
Salmon (12 oz.)
Sirloin steak (5 oz.)


Black beans (1 can)
White beans (1 can)
Sliced almonds (1 bag)
Marinara sauce (1 jar)
Garlic (1 bulb)
Hummus (1 8-oz. container)
Fresh basil (1 bunch)

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