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This workout combines strength and endurance training exercises to burn maximum calories and firm every inch of flab fast.


Ten famous women discuss how they haven't let diabetes keep them from accomplishing their goals.


The Biggest Loser team trainer shows us some basic moves that are part of her 30-day diet and fitness plan from her book, Making the Cut.

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Green living expert Sara Snow shares her smart and simple strategies for easy, attainable green living. Learn how to shop for organic foods, cook with the season's freshest ingredients, and go green on a budget.

I am a veteran TV News Health Reporter now running - a fun and informative website featuring the latest news and videos on diet, fitness, and the obesity epidemic. FatFighterTV will also keep you motivated with healthy recipes, weekly contests, and inspiring weight loss success stories.

Women's Health & Fitness blog featuring daily posts on all topics important to a women's health including, nutrition, healthy cooking, journaling, inspiration, affirmations & motivation by women's fitness expert Karen Ficarelli.