Be a Great Kisser
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Be a Great Kisser

10 ways to sweeten your smooches.

A Kiss He Won't Forget

You've had a great date, and now you want to end it on a memorable note. Leave him with a passionate kiss, and he won't be able to get you out of his mind. To become a kissing queen, check out these tips from William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing (St. Martin's Press):

1. Create ambiance. Try embellishing a room with warm hues by installing peach- or pink-colored light bulbs, or putting on a red lamp shade.

2. Gently hold his ears in your fingertips as you kiss. This tender move shows your true affection. A practical benefit: It allows you to tilt his head up or down to the position you prefer.

3. Whisper sweet nothings. Just because you're lip-locked doesn't mean you have to be silent. Saying something sweet right into your partner's mouth is a passionate way to communicate your feelings.

4. Don't be a statue. Add motion to the moment by moving your hand gently up and down his back.

5. Banish bad breath. One easy way: Eat an apple before you head out to meet your date. The fruit will freshen your mouth with a natural flavor. Or, if your plans involve dinner, ingest a bit of parsley post-meal (when he's not looking) to freshen from the inside out.


More Kissing Tips

6. Be a tease. Introduce variety with the "Teasing Kiss": Tell your partner not to kiss you for one minute while you take charge of the exchange.

7. Discard timidity. Don't be shy! Open your mouth wider while kissing to really express your passion.


8. French kiss. Men rank it the number one as their preferred type of kiss. To make it magical, be more active with your tongue. Move it in a circular motion, flick your partner's with it, or play tongue-chase.

9. Try Lip-o-suction. Let him kiss your lower lip while you kiss his upper lip, and then switch.

10. Break the kissing monotony. Pleasantly surprise your partner with a change-up in the intensity, tempo, or duration of your kisses.