Summer Wardrobe Update
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Summer Wardrobe Update

Here are 10 ways to refresh your existing warm-weather clothing and accessories -- and make strategic buys for this year's looks, too.

Summer Updates

Unpacking your summer clothing and accessory staples? Try our 10-point check to make sure everything will look great for the warm days ahead.

1. Repair summer soles. Slides and mules with worn-down heels can be easily re-soled at the shoemaker. This will extend the life and refresh the look of your existing footwear.

2. Check skirt and cropped-pant hems. A drooping hem looks ratty. Repair any loose or fallen hems before you put clothes into your closet.

3. Break out the bleach. Last year's white t-shirts may have dulled or yellowed in storage. Wash them with bleach to brighten (or replace with new tees).

4. Inspect tote handles. Straw bags are especially prone to worn-out handles, although any summer bag can suffer. A shoemaker can fix most bag handles quickly.

5. Stock up on shell blouses. They're versatile and usually inexpensive. Wear under blazers for work, and sport as a topper for shorts and jeans on the weekend.

More Tips

6. Toss so-over trends. Last year's long peasant skirt, for example, can go.

7. Buy a cardigan. It's a relaxed alternative to a jacket on warm days. Go for one with three-quarter length sleeves in beige, sand, or cream.

8. Invest in new lingerie -- especially if you wear whites and linens. Go for thongs or seamless underwear in flesh colors, and find a bra style in a fabric that breathes (and works under a white tee!).

9. Add a trendy piece for fun. Feel like tying a kerchief around your neck, or strutting in a pair of espadrilles? Splurge a little on a trend to keep your look current and fun.

10. Check swimsuit elastic. Age and traces of last year's chlorine can cause elastic to disintegrate. Try on your suit (before you hit the beach!) to make sure it will stay in place when in water.