Surgery-Free Makeovers
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Surgery-Free Makeovers

10 ideas to make your friends say, "What's different about you?"

You don't need to sign up for Extreme Makeover or drop hundreds of dollars at the salon to change your look for the better. In fact, sometimes the littlest changes can completely transform you! Here, 10 quick ideas to try -- they're guaranteed to make a big statement:

  1. Bleach your teeth. Today's at-home kits produce results that rival those of costly in-office whitening sessions. Crest Premium Whitestrips ($31.99) are easy to use and promise noticeable results in a week.
  2. Change your part. It's true: Swapping the side you part your hair on can give your locks a new look. If you don't part your hair at all, try a deep side part for a dramatic difference.
  3. Try colored contacts. They're easy to use, even if you have perfect vision. Today's versions come in everything from ultra-subtle shades of hazel and brown to bold shades of purple and teal. Check out the Acuvue 2 Colours line for some options.
  4. Slim your middle. Want to look thinner instantly? First, stand up straight. Then, pull on a pair of body shaping underwear. The best out there: Spanx Power Panties ($25). These bike-short-like undergarments smooth out your lower half, and don't produce bulges at elastic sites like other versions do.
  5. Self-tan subtly. Sure, self-tanners can transform your look, but too often, they're heavy and obvious. Get a more natural, glowing-from-within effect by choosing the lightest shade of tanner you can find, and applying over freshly moisturized skin. The moisturizer will prevent the tanner from absorbing too readily, giving you the slightest hint of bronze.
  6. Cut bangs. They don't have to be Louise-Brooks-thick, either. Even a few long, wispy pieces can put new focus on your eyes and give you a current look.
  7. Wear colored mascara. A subtle shade of colored mascara can look surprisingly pretty! Try navy for blue eyes, khaki for green eyes, and deep green for brown eyes. Wear with neutral makeup on cheeks and lips.
  8. Slip into heels. If you're the type who usually wears flats, a pair of heels (even one inch will do) can completely transform you, giving you longer-looking legs and the illusion of height.
  9. Light up your eyes. Use a cotton swab to dab a bit of shimmery white shadow at the inner corners of your eyes. This wakes up your face instantly and gives eyes a wider look.
  10. Try a semi-permanent rinse. Instead of a complete color overhaul, use a semi-permanent product in a shade that's just a bit warmer or darker than your own. Your hair color will look like your own -- just amped up a bit.