Grow Out Your Bangs Gracefully
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Grow Out Your Bangs Gracefully

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Trying to grow your bangs is one of the most frustrating beauty dilemmas facing many women. Here are 10 tips to making it easier:

1. Get a trim. As you let your bangs grow longer, they'll most likely need a tiny trim to keep their shape.

2. Don't do it yourself. Don't try to trim growing-out bangs at home; you could end up with a shorter fringe than you started with.

3. Try wax. Hair wax works great for smoothing bangs back or to the side. Use a very small amount, and apply with your fingers.

4. Wear a headband. A wide headband looks chic, and conceals in-between bangs.

5. Sweep them to the side. If your bangs are starting to graze your eyebrows, consider wearing them swept across your forehead (a side part makes this easier).

6. Find a great hairspray. When you're trying to keep long bangs under control, nothing beats hairspray. Try a flexible hold formula so bangs still have some movement.

7. Consider going shorter. When you get a trim, try lopping an extra few centimeters off the back of your hair; this will even your hair's length more quickly.

8. Add some volume. Spritz a volumizing spray onto bangs, then use a round brush to blow dry. It will give bangs a bit of lift and shape (beware too much lift, though, which has a 1980s big-hair effect).

9. Pull them straight back. Take a cue from Nicole Kidman's do at this year's Golden Globes: Pull your bangs straight back, leaving the sides down. Secure with a barrette.

10. Go for angles. Ask your stylist to angle the front of your hair so your bangs blend into your cut.