Get Clear Skin
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Get Clear Skin

Try these tricks to banish blemishes.

Blemishes can be a bother no matter what your age -- and some women actually get more acne-prone as the years pass! Here, 10 easy ways to beat breakouts:

  1. Check your makeup. More emollient formulas can combat the dryness of aging skin, but often contain pore-clogging oils. Switch to an oil-free formula.
  2. Cleanse thoroughly. If you're using a creamy cleanser, be sure to rinse completely -- residue left on skin can cause breakouts.
  3. Examine your hair products. Leave-in conditioners applied to hair around your face can wind up on your skin and clog pores.
  4. Try a toner. A glycolic-based facial toner helps exfoliate skin, sloughing away the dead skin cells that contribute to clogged pores.
  5. Consider prescription products. Your dermatologist can prescribe effective acne fighters, such as Renova, which also have anti-aging properties.
  6. Pick a gel sunscreen. Creamy sunscreens often contain thick emollients -- which can cause breakouts if you wear them every day. Gel sunscreens offer sun protection in a lighter, skin-friendly formulation.
  7. Cut back on creams. As our skin starts to show signs of aging, we often pile on so-called "miracle creams." But most dermatologists agree that a simpler face-care routine is best for acne-prone skin.
  8. See your dermatologist -- to make sure your problem is acne, and not something else. Rosacea and other skin conditions can cause eruptions that look like acne, but need to be treated differently.
  9. Watch ingredients. Avoid products containing oils, lanolin, and petrolatum, all of which can cause pimples.
  10. Treat consistently. The key to preventing future acne eruptions is a careful, consistent regimen. That means using a gentle acne-fighting product daily, even when no blemishes are visible.