Find the Right Hairstylist
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Find the Right Hairstylist

10 tips to zero in on a stylist you feel comfortable with.

She's the One

The search for the perfect hairstylist can seem like a never-ending one. To help you find a cutter who will give you a great style, try these ideas:

1. Visualize your ideal salon. Do you want one that's hip and fashion-forward? Refined and classy? The salon where the environment clicks with you will most likely have a stylist who clicks with you, too.

2. Ask a friend (or two). Friends will give you the real scoop on their stylists -- what they love and what they hate.

3. Take into account your hair type. If you have curly hair, you'll want a stylist who specializes in curls. Got short locks? You should search for a stylist who works well with cropped 'dos.

4. Stop in at salons. Don't be afraid to walk into the lobby of several salons that catch your interest (without feeling obligated to make an appointment). Pick up a service list and check out the atmosphere. Is this a place where you'd feel comfortable?

5. Set up several consultations with different stylists. They should be scheduled graciously, and should come at no cost.

More Tips

6. Suss out your stylist at the consultation. Show your potential stylist pictures of the hairdo you want; see how he reacts to the cut and what he has to say about how it could work on you. Look for someone with an upbeat attitude who isn't afraid to spend time with you and offer new ideas.

7. Talk to other clients. While at the salon, ask the stylist you consult with to point out her other clients. You can check out their hair, and even discreetly ask them about the stylist while they wait for a shampoo.

8. Take cost into consideration. It's a waste to find a stylist you adore and then discover you can't afford his or her prices! Ask about costs up front.

9. Don't be afraid to say no. If the stylist you meet with doesn't seem like a good fit, it's perfectly fine to thank him for his time and leave without making an appointment.

10. Go with your gut. You know if you like someone when you first meet him. If your potential stylist has great things to say, fresh ideas, makes you feel welcome, and doesn't pressure you, take the plunge and book an appointment!