10 Tips: Get a Rosy Glow
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10 Tips: Get a Rosy Glow

Get a vibrant complexion with our easy tips.

Fresh Face

Looking forward to that rosy glow your skin gets when spring is in full swing? Fake it until April with these tips:

1. Break out the self-tanner. A light shade applied to your face will make you look healthy, but not so tan that your color is obviously fake.

2. Use an AHA. Built-up dead skin cells can make skin look dull. Slough them off with a mild alpha-hydroxy acid cream.

3. Moisturize. Add natural dewiness to dry skin with a light layer of lotion (try one with sunscreen for day).

4. Wear gel blush. Its sheer, see-through color looks fresh and authentic.

5. Try whipped foundation. It adds luminosity to skin better than matte foundation. Many whipped formulas are oil-free, too.

More Tips

6. Lighten up eyes. Heavy eye makeup darkens your whole face. Instead, try a shimmery taupe shadow on lids.

7. Add a touch of gold. Apply a dab of gold face powder (or eye shadow in a pinch!) to the tops of cheekbones; blend well with your fingers.

8. Go for gloss. Super-shiny lips add light to the rest of your face. Apply gloss in plum, peach, or rose.

9. Blush brighter. Instead of a muted shade of blush, go one step brighter than you're used to. Apply to apples of cheeks for a fresh look.

10. Skip powder. It can leave skin looking chalky and take away any glow. If you need it to combat shine, apply sparingly only where necessary.