Get a Good Night's Sleep
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Get a Good Night's Sleep

10 ways to make the most of your resting hours.

Getting Good Zzzzzs

If you're clocking more and more hours during the day, chances are you're getting less and less sleep at night. To make the most of the hours you do sleep, try these ideas:

1. Buy the right pillow. Stomach sleepers need a soft pillow; side sleepers, a medium pillow; and back sleepers, a firm pillow. Visit a bedding store for expert help on choosing the right pillow for you.

2. Exercise. Chalk up one more for moving your body: Moderate exercise every day promotes good sleep at night.

3. Try aromatherapy. Scents such as lavender and orange help relax us for bedtime. Check out Origins' line of sleep products.

4. Keep cool. A too-warm bedroom can cause restless sleep. Make yours cooler, and cuddle under an extra blanket if you need to.

5. Reflect. Take a few minutes before you drift off to reflect on your day. What were your successes? Your difficulties? What are you grateful for today? This helps to calm your mind.

More Tips

6. Kick out the TV. Falling asleep with the TV on may seem relaxing, but in reality, it can get your mind working so your sleep is restless. Turn off the tube before bed.

7. Wear an eye mask. Even the tiniest bit of light can make falling asleep difficult. Use an eye mask to block out any brightness.

8. Try a tense-and-relax exercise. As you lie in bed, tense and then relax each part of your body, beginning at your toes. Work your way up your entire body until you get to your eyelids. By the time you're done, your whole body will be relaxed.

9. Do yoga. Routines specifically created to calm and center you before bedtime can work wonders in helping you clear your mind of the day's clutter. Check out Living Arts' P.M. Yoga video.

10. Try a bath. A warm bath before bed helps make you sleepy. Add some soothing lavender bath beads for maximum effect.