Fix Hair Disasters
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Fix Hair Disasters

Bad hair day? Try these 10 terrific tricks.

Fast Fixes

Has your 'do flopped? Your style drooped? No need to resort to a baseball cap -- try these hair disaster fix-it ideas instead!

1. Reach for hand cream. A dab smoothed over hair turns frizz into shine.

2. Try a twist. If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, pull it back toward the nape of your neck and twist upward. Secure with a clip or barrette.

3. Carry extra pins when you wear an updo. If your style begins to fall, extra hair pins will add more support and hold.

4. Turn a scarf into a headband. Even the flattest or fuzziest hair looks chic when swept back with a scarf.

5. Apply gel to dry hair. When you need to spot-hold a tendril in place or keep flyaways from escaping a ponytail, dab gel right onto dry strands.

More Tips

6. Massage for volume. If your short cut has fallen flat, use your fingers to massage the roots. This works a bit like teasing hair, adding lift.

7. Skip a wash. If you must have a good hair day -- for a date, job interview, special occasion -- shampoo the day before. Too-clean hair is more prone to disaster!

8. Indulge in a blowout. Most budget hair chains offer blowouts for under $30. Getting styled by a pro is the perfect antidote to a seemingly impossible hair day.

9. Go for shine. Somehow, shiny hair always looks better -- even if the style you're sporting isn't what you were going for. Smooth glossing serum over dry hair to boost its gleam (but use sparingly!).

10. Add a part. A deep side part gives hair a touch of sophistication even when it's misbehaving. Hold in place with a spritz of hairspray.