The Perfect Blowout
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The Perfect Blowout

Here are 10 tips to get a salon blowout at home.

Sleek Hair

Perfectly smooth, straight hair can seem impossible to achieve if your locks are naturally wavy or curly. To go totally sleek, try these tips:

1. Begin with freshly-washed hair. This is especially important if you want your blowout to last for several days.

2. Condition well. The heat of the blow dryer and the tugging of the brush can damage hair; protect your locks by using a rich conditioner after you shampoo.


3. Blot hair dry. Rubbing your hair will produce frizz. Instead, blot it with a towel to remove excess moisture.

4. Pick the right styling product. If your hair is wavy, try a strong-hold gel. For curls, pick a straightening balm.

5. Apply styling product in sections. One key to a great blowout: Coat every strand of hair with product. Working in small sections, apply your product to the ends first, and then work your way up the hair shaft. Finish by combing through your hair to distribute the product.

More Tips

6. Blast it with a blow dryer. It is easier to get hair smooth when you start styling it when it's near-dry. Before you start straightening, flip your head over and blowdry it while fluffing hair with your fingers.

7. Break out the clips. Have two or three large hair clips on hand to hold sections of hair away from the piece you're drying.

8. Dry hair in sections. Separate a two-inch section of hair. Using a medium-sized round brush, pull the hair taut, from roots to ends. As you move the brush, follow it with the dryer (so you're moving the dryer down the length of your hair, too). Repeat all over your head. And be patient: It will take a while.

9. Point the nozzle downward as you straighten. This is the best way to avoid frizz!

10. Cut post-blowout fuzz with cream. You're bound to face a little frizz when you're done. Apply a tiny dab of hair cream to frizzy sections to make them sleek again.