Get Kissable Lips
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Get Kissable Lips

Pretty up your pout with these 10 easy steps.

Smooch-Worthy Secrets

Make your pucker irresistible with these sexy-lip tips:

1. Keep 'em soft. Beat dryness and flaky skin by applying a non-medicated lip balm throughout the day. Wear it alone or under lipstick.

2. Plump up fine lines. As we age, our lips become thinner and develop fine lines. Try a lip-plumping lipstick primer to fill in lines before you apply color. Victoria's Secret makes a great one.

3. Give lipstick staying power. Lining and filling in lips with a lipliner pencil will make lipstick stay on longer. Pick a liner that's the same color, or at least the same tone, as your lipstick.

4. Fake fullness. If you'd like your lips to look fuller, carefully line lips right outside your natural lip line (don't take this too far, or it will look obvious). Fill in lips with liner, then apply color.

5.Stop lipstick bleed. If your lipstick bleeds into fine lines around your mouth, apply a lipstick sealant to keep the color in place. Look for She-Laq by Benefit Cosmetics.

More Tips

6. Give lipstick even more staying power. To boost lipstick longevity even more, line and fill in lips, and apply a coat of color. Blot. Next, place a tissue flat against your lips. Dip a powder brush into loose, translucent powder, and dust over the tissue. (A very light coat of powder will get to your lips through the tissue.) Remove tissue, apply another coat of color, and blot again.

7. Add some shimmer. To make your lower lip look fuller, apply lipstick, then use your finger to dot a bit of shimmery eye shadow in gold, white, or silver onto the middle of your lower lip.

8. Don't forget sunscreen. Lips can get burned, and skin cancer of the lips is on the rise. Find a non-medicated lip balm containing SPF 15 or higher, and apply religiously when you're out in the sun.

9. Go glossy. Most women wear gloss over lipstick. For a fresher look, try an intensely-pigmented gloss worn alone. Look for high-color glosses by Chanel and Stila.

10. Be your own makeup artist. It's true: the perfect lipstick shade probably doesn't exist at your department store cosmetics counter. To get the exact shade you crave, try mixing two or more shades on the back of your hand; use a lip brush to apply your custom color to lips.