Unique Ways to Wear Your Jewelry
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Unique Ways to Wear Your Jewelry

Add pizzazz to your look by wearing your jewelry in these 10 unexpected ways.

Get Creative!

Bored with the same old baubles? Breathe some new life into your jewelry with these fun new ways to wear old favorites.

1. Pile on two pendant necklaces. The more delicate the chains, the better.

2. Attach a brooch to your belt. Slip the clasp through one of your belt loops.

3. Go to earring extremes. Wear your tiniest studs for a night out and your largest hoops with a conservative business suit.

4. Make necklaces double as bracelets. This works especially well with chunky links or pearls. Simply wind the strand around your wrist and clasp as usual.

5. String a ring onto a necklace, a la Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw. Try an oversized cocktail ring for the best effect.

More Tips

6. Tie one on. Forego a necklace or bracelet and wear a colorful ribbon instead.

7. Attach an earring or pin in an unexpected place: On the shoulder of a sweater, on the back pocket of jeans, or near the cuff of your pants.

8. Have fun with your watch. Wear your watch through a belt loop instead of on your wrist.

9. Pony up. Use a bracelet as a ponytail holder.

10. Stack your rings. Instead of one on every finger, load up one digit with three or four pieces.