Low-Maintenance Hair
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Low-Maintenance Hair

10 easy ways to get great hair without a lot of fuss.

No-Hassle Hair

If you're on a quest for amazing-looking, low-maintenance hair, try these easy ideas:

1. Reevaluate short haircuts. While they seem like a snap, if your hair is very thick or very curly, a short cut can actually be more time-consuming than a chin-length style.

2. Try at-home color. A semi-permanent color fades without noticeable roots, so touch-ups are needed less frequently. Plus, doing it at home saves money and time!

3. Consider a product upgrade. As we age, our hair texture can change, which means our styling product needs change, too. If your hair is becoming thinner or finer, look into a volumizing tonic or mousse instead of gel and hairspray.

4. Toss the tools. Curling irons, flat irons, and rollers not only take more effort, but also damage hair (making it require more trims). Ask your stylist for a cut that only needs blowdrying (if that!).

5. Use leave-in conditioner. Applying a dab to ends keeps dryness to a minimum, and facilitates styling. Healthy, moisturized locks are more manageable than parched, crisp ones.

More Tips

6. Try snag-free ponytail holders. They're a staple for every low-hair-maintenance woman. The snag-free variety eliminates the metal closures that can break hair.

7. Go for layers. They dry easily; work for every hair type and length; and give a stylized, hip look without a lot of effort.


8. Change your part. It's an easy way to update your style without investing time or money at a salon. Use a light-hold spray gel to help hold hair in its new place.

9. Check the weather report. Even the best styling techniques can be rendered useless in high humidity or heavy rain. If the weather is going to compete with your style, wear a foolproof pony, headband, or chignon instead.

10. Skip the fuss. When you're done styling, keep your hands -- and mind -- off your hair. Too much energy wasted on a hairstyle is the ultimate in high maintenance!