No-Fuss Ways to Be Sexy
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No-Fuss Ways to Be Sexy

Garters and fishnet stockings not your idea of sexy? Try these 10 simple steps instead.

Soft and Sensual

These easy tips will up your va-va-va-voom in no time!

1. Use a loofah. Nothing is sexier than soft skin. Scrub away dead cells daily in the shower.

2. Scent your hair. When you spritz on your favorite fragrance, don't forget your hair! Spray perfume on dry strands for staying power.

3. Avoid crunchy-locks syndrome. Super strong-hold gels can leave hair crispy. Instead, go for a medium-hold gel or styling cream, which will keep your hair soft.

4. Wear pink lipstick. Many women abandon this quintessentially feminine shade at an early age. Give it another try with a bold fuchsia or a shimmery rose.

5. Get a pedicure. Don't neglect your feet. Indulge in a professional pedicure.

More Tips

6. Let your nape show. Slick a styling cream through dry hair, then twist it up and secure it loosely with a barrette or clip to show off the base of your neck.

7. Smoke up your eyes. Smudgy, dark liner makes any woman look alluring and mysterious. Apply a shadow liner with a brush, then use a cotton swab to smudge the color outward.

8. Add a touch of gold. Dab a tiny bit of gold lip gloss on your cheekbones and the center of your bottom lip. Blend with your finger for a dewy, shimmering effect.

9. Swear by mascara. Long lashes are ultra-sexy. If you don't have them naturally, two coats of black mascara (comb through when dry) will help you fake it.

10. Don't be blush-shy. Rosy cheeks make you look young and energetic. Choose a shade that's a bit brighter than you think is appropriate; it will give you a true glow.