Get Sexy, Short Hair
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Get Sexy, Short Hair

Short hair can be just as sexy as long. Here's how.

Short and Sweet

Think cropped locks can't look feminine and gorgeous? These 10 tips will prove you wrong!

1. Be meticulous about trims. Get your locks snipped every four to six weeks to keep your hair's shape.

2. Wash daily. Natural scalp oils accumulate more noticeably on short hair than on longer hair. Suds up every day to avoid the greasies.

3. Condition sparingly. If your hair is very dry, dab conditioner just on the ends. Getting it on the scalp can cause hair to look greasy. If your hair isn't dry, skip conditioner altogether.

4. Go for volume. If your hair is fine, spritz a volumizer onto the roots of damp hair before blowdrying.

5. Try texturizing products. Waxes and pastes give short hair a chunky, modern look. Apply sparingly to dry hair.

More Tips

6. Keep edges soft. Short cuts look best when they are tapered and soft, so ask your stylist to avoid blunt lines.

7. Avoid long bouts with a blowdryer. Too much heat can damage hair, making it dull and fuzzy. For short hair, that means disaster! Blowdry until hair is slightly damp, then let it air-dry the rest of the way.

8. Experiment with color. Short cuts can handle bold color that longer styles can't. Consult with your colorist about trying a bright red color, chunky blonde highlights, or a rich chocolate shade.

9. Think high shine. Ultra-shiny short hair looks sexiest. Use a shine spray or cream on dry hair to boost gleam.

10. Stock up on accessories. They're not just for long hair. Headbands, wraps, and small barrettes look great in cropped cuts, too.