Get Super-Soft Hair
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Get Super-Soft Hair

The 10 best ways to make your tresses ultra-touchable.

Soft Hair Strategies

Touchable tresses are every woman's dream. And they're easy to acquire! Here, fresh ideas for keeping your hair ultra-soft:

1. Skip gel. Most are made with strong-hold ingredients that leave hair crunchy and brittle. If you must use gel, mix it with a bit of hair cream before applying.

2. Brush gently. Too-harsh brushing can cause hair to break and split, which leaves it rough to the touch.

3. Use shine serum. It coats the hair, smoothing down rough and damaged spots. Apply to soaking-wet hair before styling.

4. Give hair the run-through. Once you've dried and styled your hair, run your hands over your locks to break up any sections left hard by styling products.

5. Moisturize. If hair is frizzy and wiry-feeling when dry, rub a small amount of hand lotion into the ends to make them touchable.

More Tips

6. Get a trim. Dead ends turn soft hair into fuzzy, fried hair. Even the tiniest trim will restore hair's softness.

7. Watch alcohol. Styling and finishing products containing alcohol can leave hair brittle and gummy-feeling. Look for alcohol-free versions instead.

8. Go light on bleach. Highlights and haircolor can sap the moisture from hair, and moisture is what helps hair retain its silkiness. Color as infrequently as you can, and have coloring done by a pro.

9. Try a mask day. Most hair masks are worn for 20 minutes. To maximize your mask's silkening effect, apply it as a styling product on a weekend, and wear it all day.

10. Try a texturizing balm. These products are lighter than gels, giving them the perfect balance of hold and softness.