Streamline Your Beauty Routine
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Streamline Your Beauty Routine

10 savvy ways to save time and still look terrific.

Pare down your high-maintenance regimen with these tips:

  1. Find an all-purpose moisturizer. A light, non-comedogenic lotion with SPF can be used day and night -- even around eyes if it has been ophthalmologically-tested.
  2. Wear neutral lipcolor. The perfect shade is one to two tones darker than your natural lips and goes with everything, from office wear to evening gowns.
  3. Buy body lotion with SPF -- no more dual applications!
  4. Buff your nails. A buffing session every other week makes tips look healthy and shiny, no polish required.
  5. Forego eyeliner. Instead, pick up mascara labeled "thickening" or "dramatic." Apply two coats for a lush look without liner.
  6. Rely on one styling aid. If you condition your hair well, a medium-hold gel is all you need to keep tresses in control.
  7. Skip toner. Unless your skin is excessively oily, a thorough rinse after washing your face will remove all cleanser and sebum residue.
  8. Go with your hair's natural texture. Blowing curly hair straight or trying to add wave to straight hair takes too much time. Instead, ask your stylist for a cut that works with your hair texture.
  9. Use an all-over color crayon. A berry or bronze shade that works on lids, cheeks, and lips takes the guesswork out of applying makeup in the morning.
  10. Try a tinted brow gel. It adds color to sparse areas, smoothes brows into place, and holds them there in one step.