Summer-Perfect Legs
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Summer-Perfect Legs

Here are 10 tricks to get lovely legs -- in a snap.

Beach-Ready Legs

Get ready for leg-baring season with our simple steps to gorgeous gams:

1. Self-tan. It's the most efficient way to put blemishes like spider veins and stretch marks under cover. Use a tinted formula to avoid streaks.

2. Rely on lunges. They're a tried-and-true way to get long, lean, and strong legs.

3. Forego hose. Unless you work in a very conservative office, skip hose on hot summer days. Tanned, hair-free legs look just as professional under a casual business skirt.

4. Try spray oil. Moisturizer is key in keeping legs silky. But heavy lotions can get goopy in the heat. Try a spray-on oil gloss to moisturize in steamy weather. The bonus: It gives legs a sexy sheen.

5. Wear heels. Even one-inch kitten heels make legs look longer and leaner.

More Tips

6. Avoid razor burn. Chlorine, sun, and high temperatures can make the skin on legs more prone to post-shave stinging and rashes. Use a lotion containing aloe to soothe (put it in the fridge to really cool rashy skin).

7. Beat bumps. They can occur because of a condition called keratosis pilaris, or as a result of ingrown hairs. To avoid them, exfoliate legs with a grainy scrub in the shower, and use a lotion with alpha-hydroxy acids once a week.

8. Add some flare. Skirts that flare a bit -- think A-lines -- make legs look slimmer and shapelier.

9. Cover blemishes that really bother you. Most veins and marks can be camouflaged by self-tanner. But if you have blemishes that make you wary of wearing shorts and skirts, use a body makeup (available from Dermablend and Make Up For Ever) to make them invisible.

10. Add some sparkle. For evening, smooth a shimmering lotion over legs, or make your own by adding gold makeup powder to your regular lotion before application.