Tame Thick Hair
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Tame Thick Hair

10 Luscious tips to play up thick locks.

Voluminous Hair

If you're lucky enough to have thick tresses, try these ideas to keep them looking their best:

1. Watch hair length. When thick hair is cut between the ears and chin, it has a tendency to pouf out. Keep it either very short (think pixie) or longer than chin-length.

2. Layer strategically. A few layers cut into the ends of your hair can help you avoid a bell shape and keep hair swingy.

3. Try a bob. Thick hair has the bounce and natural movement that make a bob look modern.

4. Avoid thick bangs. When cut straight across your forehead, they can look cartoonish. Instead, wear fringier bangs swept to the side.

5. Go with your hair's natural texture. Thick hair often has a natural wave, so play it up by applying a mousse or gel and scrunching hair as you dry.

More Tips

6. Try a ponytail. Your hair is the perfect texture for this style!

7. Shampoo daily. Thick hair is often resilient and strong, so it doesn't incur the damage and dryness from daily shampooing that more delicate hair does. Daily washing will keep thick hair shiny, too.

8. Condition just the ends. Because your hair is naturally strong and healthy, it needs just the tiniest bit of conditioner to keep ends supple.

9. Wear a headband. It looks glamorous, and stops hair with lots of body from becoming unruly.

10. Don't go too long. No matter how pretty your hair is, when it reaches your waist, it begins to look scraggly and dated. Keep it three to four inches below your shoulders at the most.