Using Concealer
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Using Concealer

Put blemishes under cover with our 10 expert tips.

Perfect Camouflage

Concealer can be every woman's best friend: It camouflages almost any imperfection and makes you look like you're glowing, even when you're wearing no other makeup. Here, 10 ways to make concealer work for you:

1. Choose the proper shade. Concealer works best when it's one shade lighter than your skin tone (that way, it lightens up very dark areas).

2. Pick the right consistency. Very thick cake concealers hide blemishes the best but can settle into wrinkles, making your cover-up job look obvious. A creamier texture gives coverage and a natural finish.

3. Invest in a concealer brush. Using one to apply coverup allows you to place it just where you need it.

4. Prep undereye skin. If you're covering dark circles, use an eye gel before concealer. Give the gel about ten minutes to absorb.

5. Apply before foundation. Many makeup artists swear that if you apply concealer judiciously, you can sometimes skip foundation altogether!

More Tips

6. Avoid concealer on blemishes. Because your concealer is a shade lighter than your skin, applying it to raised bumps and pimples will actually call attention to them. Save concealer for dark, recessed areas of the face.

7. Powder to set. This is especially important around the eye area (constant movement of the skin can cause concealer to settle into fine lines). Use a brush or cotton ball to dust translucent powder over concealer.

8. Pat, don't rub. Blend concealer by patting it into your skin with your ring finger. Rubbing to blend rubs the concealer right off your skin!

9. Splurge on concealer. Investing in a department store product guarantees you'll get help in choosing the right shade.

10. Keep concealer clean. Because you use concealer under your delicate eyes, keep fingers out of the jar or bottle (use a cotton swab instead) and be sure to re-cap it tightly.